mardi 12 mai 2009

Takes me away

Si vous êtes un lecteur assidu du blog, vous connaissez certainement le duo canadien Electric Youth mais cette fois, ils reviennent pour nous proposer un exercice audacieux... ils ont en effet décidé de réinterpréter le tube de Christopher Cross, "Sailing", en le conjuguant au "Teenage Color" de College. Une entreprise difficile me direz-vous ? Peut être, mais pas pour Electric Youth! Le résultat est un joli clin d'oeil à l'esprit de Valerie: une bonne dose d'insouciance nostalgique et mélodique pour nos oreilles! Pour faire suite à mon dernier post et pour les plus impatients, le site londonien Rough Trade vous propose dès aujourd'hui de commander la compilation "Valerie and friends" qui sortira le 27 mai.

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you'll certainly know the Canadian duet Electric Youth but now, and today they've sent us a some brand new goodness... They've reinterpreted Christopher Cross's tune, "Sailing", by re-hashing him to "Teenage Color" by College. An odd choice and a difficult pairing i hear you say? Perhaps, but not for Electric Youth! The result is an attractive wink to the spirit of Valerie: a good dose of nostalgic and melodic freedom to caress our ears! Other news, To follow upon my post, and for all of the impatient ones out there, Rough Trade of London is allowing you to pre-order our soon to be released " Valerie and friends " compilation, which will go out officially on May 27th.

28 commentaires:

Flashmen a dit…

Great combination of one classic song and one soon to be classic song! Electric Youth has amazing vocal potential too... really want to hear this compilation :)

Ultimate Cowboy a dit…

What a beautiful little song...I don't think I've heard either song before, but I still think they work nicely together.
BTW - Where are you guys from in Canada?

ryan a dit…

I didn't know if these songs would work together, but they definitely DO. Very pretty tune indeed. Props to Electric Youth for this one.

Looking forward to the compilation!

Arnie Becker a dit…

Great post as always! I'd like to welcome Anoraak and the Outrunners to Stockholm. Unfortunately we can't go, but we made some advertising for the gig!

Anonyme a dit…

I'll see you tonight Anoraak & The Outrunners! Hoping for a fun night!

Ian Boissonnault a dit…

This has been on repeat nonstop for the past three days. Utterly wonderful. Thank-you College & Electric Youth.

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really want to hear this compilation :)

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