mercredi 3 octobre 2007

Stephen Falken - October Selection

Your devoted Stephen Falken has just uploaded a new selection : from quiet analogic landscapes to sincere funky tracks, you are invited to a musical journey with Stephen.

One more time, Stephen would like to thanks all his fellows who share their musical feelings and files so brillantly and all the boys and girls who download those patchworks on VALERIE.

Stephen Falken - October Selection

Playlist :

Klaus Scultze - Pain
Vivien Vee - Higher
Thomas Dolby - She blinded me with science
The Twins - Love in the dark
Keith Forsey - Love theme
Zapp - Hearbreaker
Chromeo - Opening up
Joe Harnell - The lonely man

9 commentaires:

COLLEGE a dit…

Un pure moment comme chaque mois, des titres trop rares rassemblés pour une sélection unique et fantastique ! Merci qui Merci Tatie !

Maethelvin a dit…

fabuleuse selecta!

Pierre de la Touche a dit…


Maethelvin a dit…

règlement de compte...

Phosphorus a dit…

Klaus, Thomas, Keith & Joe...
i appreciate

shugga shugga luv' a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

qui est le voleur?


COLLEGE a dit…

molly ringwald ... hummmm

Anonyme a dit…

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